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At VSS, we understand how much time and effort went into implementing your SAP system, and how you will want it to continue functioning perfectly within your organisation as it evolves and as you face new challenges.Your investment is important and can really make all the difference in your business, so getting the right SAP support services in place is vital.

As a SAP support company, our SAP consultants are dedicated to supporting you and your SAP system, whether it is new to your organisation and you have some teething problems, or whether you have had this system in place for years and need an upgrade, or help with SAP modules.

We are unique because:

Our consultants know this system inside out and have worked with companies from all types of industries, with businesses large and small, so they have plenty of experience.

Our consultants know the SAP Modules thoroughly and are always on hand to assist, however demanding your SAP issue is.

You will be assigned a key support manager so that they can get to know you and your organisation, and you can get to know them. We find that this important relationship is the key to successful results.

We will look to understand your unique business as well as your marketing objectives and future goals, so that the system can be catered to your exact requirements.

Ultimately, you get the support you need, when you need it the most.

We can also help with evaluating your system and monitoring your current results to see where improvements could be made. We provide a great after care service so you can always count on us if you have a question or concern.

We value customer satisfaction and have an unrivalled reputation in this industry for providing SAP implementation and a professional SAP support service as well as upgrade services. So if you need some support for your SAP system, whatever your requirement, contact us today for a friendly and informal chat on how we can help.

Our web design service is unique because:

  • We work closely with our clients to fully understand your brand and your business goals.
  • Our expert, trained web designers can make sure your website is mobile friendly and fully responsive so your users get the very best interaction.
  • We can also help you with your logo, blog or content.
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  • We can set up and connect your social media pages to your website.
  • We can even help you create an app on Android or iOS alongside your website.


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