SAP Upgradation

If you have an older SAP system in place and are looking for an upgrade, our experienced SAP consultants can help, whatever the size of your business or upgrade requirement. This includes whether you have a simple need, like a technical upgrade, or whether you require a complex functional expansion, including decommissioning workaround and process circumvention.

There may be several reasons that you wish to upgrade your SAP system. For instance:

You may wish to use the upgrade as a stepping stone to allow you to tap into more business value.

You may use it as a building block for a complete new system expansion into other areas of your business.

You may wish to include new SAP modules into your existing system.

Perhaps you are not entirely sure whether your SAP system is working for you, and think an upgrade might be the answer. Our skilled team can identify areas where your current SAP system is failing you and suggest strategic and effective ways to move forward.

Whatever your reason, we are highly experienced in developing the right plans for your SAP upgrade phases - and we aim to do this as quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible.

We know how vital the everyday smooth running of your business is, and we understand that you don’t want too much disruption when experiencing this upgrade. Your dedicated SAP upgrade manager will work with you to tailor the upgrade changeover around your specific business needs. We provide accurate timescales and always keep the customer updated if these were to change. We like to think this bespoke approach has made us market leaders in this field, and is the reason why customers come back to us time and time again for assistance with their SAP.

We see some SAP upgrades as impacting the whole organisation – not just an IT switch, and so we know that your staff will need to be kept updated, too.

We come with all the tools and all the knowledge you would expect from a leading SAP upgrade company, so whatever your requirement, contact us if you have an SAP upgradation in mind, and speak to one of our helpful advisors who will be able to talk through your options with you.

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